The Editor: Hello Hot Chip. How are you all?
Hot Chip: Just Joe here, Joe is ok.
The Editor: Could you please introduce yourselves..
Hot Chip: I'm Joe, I play a keyboard, sing, write and produce with the others.
The Editor: Hot chip. When, why and how?
Hot Chip:1996, because we were born to do it and with an old guitar and a keyboard my
design teacher gave to me. Rodio 37.
The Editor: If you made me a mix tape what would you put on it?
Hot Chip: lots of disco, why by Carly Simon, jiggle it by young leek, just fucking- roman
flugel mix, this is sick, give me love, bohannon, souls of mischief, kool keith and erik sermon.
The Editor: Can I have that mix tape?
Hot Chip: Maybe, if you can provide me with something of equal value.
The Editor: Speaking of tapes. What was your first ever tape that you owned?
Hot Chip: Rolling stones 'hot rocks' and beatles 'rubber soul' bought for me by my parents.
The Editor: Over and over is excellent. Were you surprised that it would turn out to be so popular?
Hot Chip: No, I thought it would be a global number one in the vein of  Bryan adams, enya or Celine dion, it was a failure in my books.
The Editor: It’s about repitition isn’t it. Tell me more.
Hot Chip: It’s got the word poke in it but most people hear it as boke, we are often asked what a 'boke' is. It’s a spoke for a tricycle apparently.
The Editor: Who would you love to be compared with?
Hot Chip: Shakespeare, Raymond XCarver, dostoyevsky, Wil Oldham.
The Editor: Who would you hate to be compared with?
Hot Chip: Air, royksopp, belle and sebastien or zero 7.
The Editor: Have you ever heard some ones remix of Hot chip and thought ‘I actually like it’. If so who was it remixed by?
Hot Chip: There are a few, mock and toof remix of over and over, audion remix of no fit state, DFA remix of just like we breakdown and colours, naum gabo remix of over and over.
The Editor: I heard that one of you is a remixer. Which one?
Hot Chip: The tall one and the fat one.
The Editor: Is your music very complicated to make and what equipment do you use?
Hot Chip: It’s not too complicated, we use a computer a microphone and some synthesizers and our imagination, and some geeky shit like plugins and compressors.
The Editor: ‘Hot chip’ would go very nicely with…..
Hot Chip: Swimming with whales, diving with dolphins, walking with elephants, hugging chimps and flying with the eagles.
The Editor loves Hot Chip. Thank you. x